Top 3 HTC Smartphones in Australia in 2012

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Published: 16th October 2012
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The Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer, HTC has been in news lately because of its latest two Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Prior to this, the company has been loved across the world for coming up with exciting Android devices. Read on to know the top 3 HTC phones Australian people loved in 2012.

The Android market has many players but HTC forms one of the leaders of the Android smartphone arena. The company long since left the realms of obscurity to rise and become one of the hottest selling smartphone brands across the world. The Taiwanese company has found its place in the mobile market by manufacturing and marketing feature rich and advanced smartphones for every section of the market. In other words, they have a smartphone for people with high or low budgets as well. There is the much loved HTC Wildfire S for those with limited budgets and for those who never hesitate from splurging to get the best smartphone; the company has models like the HTC One X, and also the latest Windows Phone 8 powered smartphones.

Speaking of these latest phones resulting from HTC working with Microsoft’s Windows Phone software have been released recently and are called as: HTC Windows Phone 8X and HTC Windows Phone 8S, in short the 8X and the 8S. Experts around the world see this move by HTC to draw user attention to Windows OS in an Android and iOS dominated market. The new Windows phones have just been released and how will they feature against in a head on competition from Nokia’s Lumia series is yet to reach a definite conclusion. However, in the Australian market a Windows phone which has created quite a few ripples is the HTC Titan 4G. This is a 4G Windows phone loved by users for its rapid data transfer speed (4G). Another fact that makes this phone in demand is its easy usability and excellent features.

HTC phones have been appreciated by Australian phone users as well and we have come up with the top 3 HTC smartphones till date in 2012. This list contains some the top 3 phones rich in features and functionality and the reasons why people appreciate them.

1. The HTC One X: This is flagship smartphone from HTC and people love its superior design backed by a great performance. The phone’s rich display allows for a great smartphone experience and the software powering the phone has been designed very well. This phone is perhaps the most loved Android phone by HTC till date.

2. The HTC One XL: This marvel from HTC is one step ahead of the HTC One X as it boasts of
LTE 4G connectivity. The design of the phone is splendid and this when combined with a great resolution screen and faster mobile data transfer speeds create an awesome smartphone experience.

3. The HTC One V: This smartphone is in the more affordable phones range offered by the company. The phone is smaller and is packed with all the great features of an Android phone. Australian market loves this phone because of its features like the 5 megapixels camera resolution along with Geotagging capability. The Android platform and Sense 4.0 make it an excellent choice as a budget Android phone.

These are the top 3 most popular HTC mobile phones Australia region. We hope you know which phone to buy now in case the brand HTC has caught your eye.

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